Scarecrows Don’t Scare!

Too Cute to Scare!

People have smiling scarecrows in their yards which I love to see. This one is in my yard and a big black crow actually landed on its head! I read to be effective, a scarecrow should have tin pans tied on it so the sound and shine will scare the birds away.

I wondered what the crow was saying to my scarecrow while sitting on its head. Maybe the crow would ask why the scarecrow was hanging around my yard. I like to think the answer would be because she enjoys the flowers that are still blooming, the bubbling fountain, and the birds that eat at the feeder. It is quite lovely and my scarecrow gets to enjoy it in the warmth of the sun!

October days are the best! The cold nights and warm days with the addition of the leaves changing color makes it a a perfect month. I hope you all make time to be outside and enjoy this season, and give a scarecrow a smile as you pass. They really aren’t scary!

Squirrel Entertains!

Gardeners become well acquainted with the critters who visit their yards. Deer, chipmunks, voles, groundhogs, rabbits and squirrels all enjoy my garden.

Last week I watched a cute little squirrel turning, twisting and chattering on the top of my split rail fence. A rabbit was sitting in the grass watching. The rabbit never moved. It just sat and watched. Its ears did twitch a time or two. The squirrel entertained for ten minutes and then a loud noise scared both the entertainer and audience away. It was unbelievably cute!

Picture books are filled with cute, smart animals that talk and say cute things. I can imagine what the squirrel said to the rabbit. The squirrel asked what the rabbit had enjoyed for breakfast (petunias) and the rabbit asked the same of the squirrel (tulip bulbs). The squirrel then asked if rabbit wanted to see his new routine. He told her a few jokes and then did his fluffy tail dance. All very cute, except they had once again eaten my flowers!

The ground hog likes my green peppers, the deer devours my lilies, Victor Vole eats bulbs and digs tunnels. The chipmunks won in the battle over my strawberry patch, so I no longer have strawberries.

My dad was a farmer and years ago when I complained about all the critters in my yard, he just smiled and said, Plant more, they need to eat too. Besides, they’ll win every time! So I plant more!