Santa Claus!

The Joy of Santa!

Clement Moore wrote The Night Before Christmas in 1822 to entertain his children. He had nine children! Moore was a religious man whose father was a minister, and he practiced his faith by teaching at the General Theological Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church. I can’t imagine having to say all that when asked where I taught.

I wonder what Moore would think about the effect Santa has had on America. Being a religious man, would he be appalled that Santa reigns at Christmas and not Jesus? I think that he created a character that represents love and generosity. Jesus taught that loving others was the greatest gift. Santa loves all children and doesn’t discriminate. As an adult, I cherish the joy of Santa Claus and I hope Clement Moore would be proud of his Saint Nicholas.

Jesus is the reason Christians celebrate Christmas, but there are many people who aren’t Christians who demonstrate the love for others that Jesus talked about. They show love, kindness, and generosity and give credit to Santa. Santa embodies love, and I hope you all receive an extra dollop of love this year. Happy Christmas to all and to all a joyful new year!