Dolls are Scary?

These dolls can’t be scary. Can they?

I grew up playing with dolls, and I still love dolls. I have eight granddaughters and only a few love dolls. They prefer stuffed animals. Three of the granddaughters were visiting and I was told my dolls were scary. I was shocked! How could they all of a sudden be frightening?

Apparently they had seen a movie about a possessed doll and the doll named Emily looked like the doll in the movie. (Doll in the middle) I was asked to put her in the closet so they didn’t have to see her. I think being put in a dark closet is scary. At least they didn’t want me to go in the closet with Emily.

My former students (eighth graders) asked me to read a book about a possessed doll. I read it and liked it. I didn’t remember the name, so I googled books about possessed dolls. I found the title Bad Girls Don’t Die and was amazed at the number of books with this theme. Goodreads listed 128.

No wonder children now find dolls scary. I hope writers don’t decide to write about possessed teddy bears or about bacteria ridden blankies! I slept with my dolls every night and spent hours playing teacher and doctor with them. They were my silent friends, and I’m glad I never encountered a book about a possessed doll.

The teacher in me says, Be glad kids are reading! but it makes me sad. On the upside, I doubt if the American Girl Dolls have lost any sales over the scary doll books. Everyone knows they wouldn’t be possessed!