When Less is More

There are times when a little goes a long way.

I love the snow. I love how it sparkles in the sun and how a dark night becomes light because snow has covered the ground. All the fun things one can do in the snow make it a major source of entertainment. Saying all this, a little can go a long way.

Shoveling under four inches is actually an activity I enjoy. As you can see, this has exceeded that number quite significantly. The sunshine will help some, but it’ll take a while before we can use the front door. It is so heavy it’ll take time and patience to get it shoveled.

This excess of snow made me think of other things where a little goes a long way. Seasoning food is a good example. I always regret when I overuse salt or a spice. Instead of enhancing the flavor it dominates. Eating a large serving of a rich dessert is another example. The small serving is delicious and enjoyable, but eating too much just makes me feel sick and I forget how wonderful it tasted.

Listening to speakers can also fit into the area of a little goes a long way. I’m sure everyone has listened and felt at some point they got the point five minutes ago. Yet, the speaker drones on.

One of the best examples of the saying is the following. A child cried that he wanted to go home and his father said, “but aren’t you having fun?” The child answered, “I’ve had enough fun, I just want to go home!” I can relate. The snow could have stopped at four inches.