It’s Turkey Time!

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving dinner if we didn’t have turkey!

Thanksgiving has been an American holiday since Abraham Lincoln signed the proclamation in 1863. Much has been written about the first Thanksgiving and what was eaten. For sure they ate venison and turkeys were likely on the menu because they were in abundance during that time period. My brother has many wild turkeys on his farm and none of us would eat one. They look scrawny to me, but historically they were beautiful, magnificent birds.

Ben Franklin was so impressed by them he wanted to make the turkey America’s national bird. I read they had bright colors and some thought they were related to the peacock. Wild turkeys not only fly; they fly fast! They can fly up to 55 mph. I would have been impressed too, Ben!

I love reading picture books at every holiday and most of the Thanksgiving books involve Tom escaping the farmer’s ax. Our domesticated turkeys are so fat they can’t run and certainly can’t fly. They also have lost their previous thinking ability. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of brain cells working for them any more. However, in children’s books they always outwit the farmer. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

My turkey is quite cute and no one would want to eat a turkey that looked that cute. To be honest, I like chicken better than turkey, but it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without turkey!