Why Good Friday?

I used to think Good Friday was misnamed until I understood.

Growing up Good Friday was a day off school. We went to church the night before on Maundy Thursday and colored eggs on Good Friday. We aren’t Catholic, but we didn’t eat meat on Good Friday and I still don’t. Mom bought hot cross buns to eat on Good Friday and we weren’t allowed to color eggs until after the holy hours (12:00 to 3:00) ended. Those three hours were to be spent doing something quiet and prayer was supposed to be at least a part of it. This isn’t very holy, but I remember being happy that I didn’t have to do any chores during that time. I probably thanked God for that!

I remember asking why it was called Good Friday when Jesus suffered so much that day. Being told he died for all our sins made me feel worse. He didn’t do anything wrong, but he received the punishment? I just couldn’t understand. As an adult, I get it, but it still makes me weep.

My own children were taken to church on Maundy Thursday, and we too decorated eggs on Good Friday. We also listened to the music from Godspell that day. I still do. (I gave up the hot cross buns because no one liked them. They wanted doughnuts!)

The song Day by Day is a prayer I should sing every day. The lyrics are short and meaningful: day by day, these things I pray: to see thee more clearly, to love thee more dearly , to follow thee more nearly day by day. What more can be said other than to give thanks to God for his son Jesus who died and was resurrected on Easter Sunday. He appeared to his Disciples and they saw his wounds, so there was no doubt he arose from the dead. A simple song sung every day can bring such peace to me. I am thankful. Wishing you all a blessed Easter!