Soldiers of the Garden

Bearded Iris are lined up for review by the head Gardener!

As you all know. I love my garden and enjoy reading the history of the flowers. I learned that iris represents valor, courage and wisdom. There are over 200 varieties of iris and its name comes from the Greek meaning rainbow. The Greek Goddess Iris was the messenger between heaven and earth and the rainbow represents the connection.

Since these iris have beards and stand along my home, I thought of them as soldiers. In creating a flower kingdom a lily would be the queen. The lily symbolizes innocence, hope and motherhood. An interesting use of lily bulbs was to mix ground bulbs with honey to treat snake bites and infection. It was also used to treat baldness and wrinkles during the Middle Ages. Interesting, but I don’t think I’ll try it.

The peony is the king of the flower kingdom. It is seen in pottery and clothing in the ancient Chinese dynasties. Peonies are not dainty flowers and can easily dominate in a garden, much like a king would! Peonies can reach a ten inch diameter and come in almost ever color but blue. I have a peony bush that was my mom’s and it is still producing beautiful flowers.

You are probably wondering about roses. Since they represent love, they are my garden’s peace makers. They provide beauty and quiet confidence that all is well. The only negative thing about roses is their thorns. If I don’t wear my thick gloves, they draw blood. They do require spraying and pruning and of course fertilizer, and it is all worth it. Roses are required members of the flower kingdom.

My flower kingdom has both perennials and annuals. Daisies bloom at the 4th of July and Black Eyed Susans bloom in August and are a sign school is about to start. June is the month of roses and lilies show their smiling faces in July. Geraniums, begonias, and marigolds provide color all summer and the deer will not eat marigolds or geraniums. Deer haven’t eaten my begonias yet, but I don’t want to be too confident.

It’s time to get my annuals planted and watch for the perennials to awaken. It is planting season and I hope you all enjoy at least a little of God’s magnificent creations!