Old Tin Canisters are filled with stories!

Many uses and many memories!

My tin canisters are very useful. They are decorative in themselves and look great with dried flowers in them. I keep my chocolate chips in the Nestles one and brown sugar in another. They brighten my pantry with color and memories. I remember my mom had buttons in one, thread in one and coins in another. Obviously, tin canisters are great for organizing household items.

I didn’t realize that tin cans were being used in America as early as 1820. Being able to store food in tin cans made a tremendous impact on the food industry. Products could be sent a long distance safely and food lasted! Aluminum cans weren’t produced until 1965. This is an invention we appreciate still today. One can’t beat a can of tomato soup on a cold day!

Think of the stories that could be written about items found in a tin can. Keys are always a good item because they lead to something. Come to think of it, I think one of my aunts kept keys in a tin can. I’d love to hear your tin can stories! Please share!