Christmas in Pine Grove

Rudolph will be there!

This is my fourth year to write the Christmas show for Maple Grove Methodist Church. The show will be performed on Saturday, December 14 at 7:30 p.m. This year it’s a story about two angels who visit Pine Grove. They find that people do a lot of singing!

In the show, Rudolph has a bad case of fleas. Yes, I know deer don’t get fleas, but it works. His agent Saulie is frantic because he has scheduled many events for Rudolph. It’s a good thing there is an angel in town!

There are serious moments in the show and there is lots of laughter. Particularly from grumpy, old Ed who insists on cream in his coffee. That part is based on my need for cream. The show is very entertaining because the cast is so talented. All are welcome and tickets are only $5.00. I consider the show a gift to the community. I hope to see you there!