Don’t text and Fly!

She landed in my tree because of texting!

Witches and Halloween go together. A witch costume continues to be one of the most popular. Little witches in capes and pointy hats will be seen on Halloween and adult sexy witches will be at Halloween parties. I wonder what a modern witch would really wear? Yoga pants? Handwoven sweater? A cool hat of some kind?

Witches were originally considered wise women and healers. They did know how to use herbs and other organic materials for healing. Healings didn’t always work, so it is likely that was when they began to be blamed for all misfortune in the village. Witches also called upon the spirit world to help. Saul consulted the Witch of Endor according to the Bible. She accurately predicted the deaths of Saul’s sons and his. I’d say she was psychic!

I plan to wear my witch hat and enjoy hot cider this Halloween. I never learned to ride a broom, but it does sound like fun. If you do fly, watch out for the bats and don’t text while flying!