Beware of the Grammar Witch!

“Tis the Season for Spells!

I think this year I’ll be a Grammar Witch for Halloween. As you can see I have a beautiful hat to wear. I know teaching language arts for over twenty years has made my ears sensitive to improper grammar, but honestly, can’t the writers of Hallmark movies get their pronouns right?

It’s pretty simple. Me is never the subject of a sentence. Me doesn’t go to the store and giving me a friend doesn’t change anything. I go to the store, and Jill and I go to the store. Easy, right? Me receives. Give it to me. Give it to Jill and me (Not I). For football fans, think of me receiving a pass!

I’ll be a nice witch who gives lots of candy, and I’ll keep my evil cackling to a minimum. But if I hear bad grammar, I’m casting a correction spell! I will banish any trick or treater who I hear say, “Do you wanna go with?” This seems to be the new ‘hip’ expression. To me it’s an incomplete thought. Is it that difficult to say “with me”? Beware! I’ll be listening!

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