Apples Take Center Stage!

Fall is not all about pumpkins!

The stores and restaurants are all touting pumpkins. Apples aren’t as big and showy but they have more uses. And as for pumpkin pie, I’ll take apple every time!

I did a little research and found that 2500 varieties are grown in the United States and 7500 are grown worldwide. The crabapple is the only apple tree native to North America. The Pilgrims brought the first apple trees and planted them in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, Eve gave apples a bad rap in the Garden of Eden. Adam didn’t need to take it!

For me, apples are sheer delight. I love hot or cold cider and besides pie I make cake, crisp, and cobbler. Apples can also wear faces like pumpkins do, but pumpkins win in that category. I salute the apple for all it uses and great taste. Enjoy an apple or two and don’t forget ice cream for the pie!

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