Indian Corn’s Secret

The secret is Revealed!

In my last blog, you read that wild turkeys used to have bright colorful feathers and some thought they were related to peacocks. In fact, I read that Christopher Columbus thought that. I have the answer for how those feathers were so colorful. They ate Indian corn!

There is no research to prove this, but I’m going with it. The settlers saw bright colored turkeys and the Native Americans introduced the settlers to corn. They go together! I think the bright corn kernels created the bright feathers. It’s possible!

Another fact about Indian corn is it can be used for wishing. Shell a handful, hold it in your hands and make a wish. Then toss it into the fire. The white kernels might pop because they can be used for popcorn, but that might enhance your wish! It’s worth a try and you’ll enjoy sitting by a cozy fire at the same time.

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