Where do you find God?

I find God in nature.

I find God in nature and it’s a good thing because I can’t find him in church. As a little girl I would sing the songs I had learned in church while swinging. My mom said I was paving my way to heaven and entertaining the neighbors! I still remember thinking if my feet weren’t on the ground, then I could touch heaven.

Today I can go to a restaurant (indoors) and sit at a table that is six feet away from others and dine with up to ten people. On June 1, I can attend a wedding reception of up to 300 people, sit at a table six feet away from others and dine with ten people. However, I can’t go to a church service on Sunday. Maybe if we had tables instead of pews it would be approved?

I know pastors feel responsible for their flock, but if I can go to a restaurant without a mask, I certainly can sit in church with a mask and not be six feet apart! Perhaps three feet? Live streaming church services just isn’t the same.

If Satan exists, he must really be enjoying this. Houses of worships with so many restrictions I wonder if anyone will come when the doors open. I know that Satan is described as the Deceiver, and I’m beginning to feel deceived. My garden is a lovely place to worship and it will continue to be my house of worship.

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