Deceived by Beauty!

They looked so good!

It is apple time, and I was eager to make chunky applesauce. My daughter had gone apple picking for Gala apples, but said they were not very flavorful. I found these beautiful Gala apples at the store, and thought they would be delicious because they looked so good. I cut and cored them and put them on the stove. When they had cooked, I carefully picked out all the peelings because I wanted the applesauce to be chunky. I added sugar and cinnamon and was sure this would be delicious. It was flavorless! I still have apples that I wanted to use for apple cake, but a flavorless apple is pretty worthless.

I have to think of poor Snow White. She just couldn’t resist that bright shiny apple. It has made me think of all the bright shiny things that are difficult to resist. A perceived good deal, another pair of shoes or boots because what we have is out of style, or that soft, warm sweater to add to the ten that are in the drawer are all shiny red apples and hard to resist.

Our local farmers market will have apples this week, and I will see what kind they have. Apple pie and apple crisp are a necessity this time of the year. The first apple pie recipe was written in 1381 in England and included figs, raisins and pears. No sugar was listed. Talk about a healthy dessert! Mine will be just apples, and I will go light on the sugar.

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