Snow won’t keep me from Blooming!

People’s words can feel like icy cold snow.

My daffodils get snowed on every year so I consider them tough enough to withstand it, but young people today are experiencing icy cold words for the first time.

A teenager was working in one of our local small grocery stores wearing a Star of David. A man entered the store and noticed her. He walked up to here and asked if she was Jewish. When she answered, “Yes”, he turned and left the store.

A high school student in Canada was suspended for saying there are only two genders. This is a Catholic high school. According to the Toronto Sun article, Josh stated there are only two genders and that gender doesn’t trump biology. He was told he couldn’t return to class until he recanted his comment. When he did return to school he was arrested for trespassing. The article went on to say there were two transgender students who disapprove of Josh’s religious beliefs and therefore he wasn’t to attend the classes he shared with them if he did return. This is a Catholic School and students object to religious beliefs?

An Arizona school board member opposed a contract with a Christian University because she did not agree with their Christian beliefs. She said their beliefs were in opposition to the beliefs of the LBGT community which she and two other board members were members. The school board did not renew the contract with the Christian University in fear of student teachers teaching Christian values.

Apparently having religious beliefs is not allowed any more. Socialist countries desire obedience to the government, not God. Churches around the globe in 32 countries have been torched over a two year period. Churches have now been closed in the Ukraine and priests and pastors have been arrested.

The world has changed and that includes America. Our churches and synagogues are open but too many are trying to quiet the voices of those who believe. Believers are going to have to stand firm like my daffodils and defend the right of religious beliefs.

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