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Welcome to Inspired Writing! I’m a writer of many things. I published Hummingbirds, Pennies, and Hope in 2012 and my new book In God We Trust I hope will be published soon. I have written plays, picture books, and skits. I’m currently working on the annual Christmas show at my church. People ask me where I get my ideas, so I thought I’d share where I found them and what became of them. I hope my stories will entertain and maybe inspire a story or two for you to write.

7 thoughts on “Inspired Writing

  1. I look forward to reading your Blog here, Jeanne, and I am really hoping your new book (In God We Trust) will be published soon so that I can read that as well. I loved your first book (Hummingbirds, Pennies and Hope). Keep on Inspiring!


  2. Thank you so much! Many people have told me stories about finding pennies. Not too long ago a friend said she and her husband had an argument and she left the house. As she walked, she reviewed the argument in her mind and she said a prayer and asked for help with this situation. She admitted she didn’t feel any better after praying, but continued walking and began to let go of her anger and enjoy her surroundings. After she calmed down and began to walk towards her home, she found a penny on the sidewalk. She said I know it wasn’t there when I walked to the park, but it was certainly there when I returned! For her, she knew God was listening .


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