Football Season is Here!

OH-IO! Is a familiar cry during football season in Ohio. Fall and football go together. Growing up in Columbus I cheered for the Bobcats on Friday night, the Buckeyes on Saturday, and on Sunday my family rooted for the Browns.

One would think I knew the game pretty well with all that cheering and watching, but unfortunately I didn’t. My understanding of the game occurred when one of my sons starting playing football. He put on a helmet at age ten and wore one until he graduated from college. That was a lot of football games, and I finally learned the game! Once I fully understood what I was watching, I became a real fan.

I know people throughout America love their football teams, but if you live in Columbus, Ohio, the team that reigns over all the others is the BUCKEYES! I proudly say “OH” do I hear an “IO”?

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