Christmas Snow

December Snow is Special!

Anytime it snows in December it becomes Christmas snow. I like snow, so it’s a good thing I live in Ohio. Snow has a magical quality in December. It seems to sparkle more in the sunlight and it becomes the background for all things Christmas.

I like to think it quiets the earth in preparation for the joy of Christmas and the love and kindness that is shared. So many give freely to help others and celebrate the season by being with loved ones. That truly makes the season special, being with loved ones.

It is a time of memories and reflection. As we get older we have more memories. I remember being in the Christmas pageant as a child and seeing my own children wearing angel wings and crowns. My grandchildren are now in a Christmas program. The years pass quickly, but what wonderful memories I have.

Christmas snow is special, but by the end of February I’m done with it. March snow is not a welcomed sight. I’m hoping for a little snow on Christmas, but I’ll be with my family and that is more important than snow!

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