Beautiful Imperfections!

This bowl was created with a bump!

I love pottery. In fact my husband calls me a pottery junkie. This is one of my treasured bowls. I like it because it’s so different. I have a cupboard full of pottery bowls that were each uniquely created.

There is a Psalm that calls God the potter and refers to us as the clay. I’ve always liked that. It also helps me accept the fact that I’m not perfect and don’t have to be. My bowls aren’t perfectly created and yet they are beautiful and they hold a variety of things.

We hold a variety of talents and knowledge. I have bumps and imperfect coloring, but I still have talents. I can make a great pie and I can design a beautiful flower bed. However, being a good person who accepts others is what is most important to me.

The political environment of our country is so divisive it’s scary. I love my family and friends for who they are as unique individuals, and it really doesn’t matter if we have different political views. The potter who created me, created them, so I think that’s what is important. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone remembered our shared creator?

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