Peaceful Place to Reflect

Reading in Solitude

There have been times in my life where I wished I could just escape and become a monk. A monastery where talking was forbidden sounded like a true vacation. Since that was not an option, I turned to books.

I read uplifting books for the most part. My husband calls them Hallmark books. They probably would fit in that category, however, the library calls them inspirational. My little reading angel always reminds me to calm down and find a good book. If there was ever a time people needed to escape to a place of laughter and inspiration it is now. Books provide that.

My Kindle has allowed me to get books from the library which of course is closed. That has been a true gift! I admit I’m old school and like browsing the book shelves of the library, but this works great.

The warm spring days we had brought everyone relief. It’s tough being inside. I don’t have much interest in watching TV. I wonder why we have so many stations when there’s nothing I want to watch. Thank goodness for books! I now have the quiet of a monastery when I read and it’s good. Life will return with its hustle and bustle, but for now, I read, cook , and garden. It’s not all bad.

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