The Praying Mantis!

The Praying Mantis is not calm!

When I was a child, I thought the praying mantis was the pastor for insects. I actually pictured one holding a service. So many insects buzz, they would have created beautiful songs. As an adult, I think it looks like Ichabod Crane! Notice the skinny neck and bulging eyes, see what I mean?

I read that the praying mantis represents calm and meditation. Why? It’s a vicious little insect. It has a voracious appetite and eats just about anything. I made the mistake of watching one catch a hummingbird on youtube. I saw the catch, and then I stopped watching.

The female praying mantis eat the male’s heads after mating and one scientist observed this during mating. Talk about a crazed lover! They are said to be related to cockroaches and termites which are both insects that cause trouble, so I guess it’s in the gene pool!

In some cultures seeing a praying mantis is good luck. This one was on my hosta plant last summer, and I thought it was cool. Now, I’m a little disgusted by it knowing that they actually kill hummingbirds!

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