What’s Inside?

Everyone has hidden treasures and sorrows inside.

I remember being in a group and was asked to share something no one knew about you. I was appalled and didn’t think anyone would share, but they did. Some were serious events that were shared and others were funny. I think I shared castrating my cat in cat anatomy by mistake and the instructor telling the class he thought it revealed I had deep seated psychological issues against men.

Many of us have scars on our body and we can tell others what the injury was but people can’t see the scars that are inside. Those are the ones that frequently don’t heal and some of us pick at them to make sure they don’t heal. Asking God to help us forget and forgive is the only thing I know that works.

We all probably know people who never appear happy. They complain about others, their job, and various others things. When they enter a room, a cloud of despair is with them. It is difficult to even talk with someone like this because nothing positive seems to get through the doom and gloom. I don’t know the scars that are inside, but I believe God could help heal. I know he helped me heal my inner wounds.

I believe we all have gifts to be discovered and shared. We need to feel good about ourselves. So much time is spent on electronics, I wonder if both young and old are finding time to discover or remember their inner gifts. Would it make them happier?

I’m not much for making lists or keeping a journal but I know many are. Keeping a gratitude journal helps them have a positive attitude and to have a relationship with God. I just thank God every day for all my many blessings and this time of the year I praise him for the glorious nature that surrounds me. My garden, the baby birds in our tree, the rainbow and the beautiful moon this week have all filled me with gratitude. One of my gifts is the ability to appreciate God’s glory!

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