Coffee is more than a drink!

The joy of a cup of java!

Many of us begin our day with a cup of coffee, but it took The Boston Tea Party for coffee to become the drink of the people. Rebelling against the tax on tea, the colonists turned to coffee. Coffee was part of the rations the soldiers (both Union and Confederate) received during the Civil War. During WWII, coffee was rationed here in order to ensure our soldiers had enough. After the war, instant coffee became popular. My mother drank it, and I don’t know how. Yuck!

Coffee has had a profound effect on society. There are coffee houses, coffee breaks, coffee groups, and “Let’s meet for coffee.” The quiet time spent talking over a cup of coffee is special. It’s a time of sharing and listening. For many, it’s a time to relax and perhaps reconnect with those who are important in our lives. Our lives are busy and sitting down with a cup of coffee is frequently needed. The caffeine helps too!

I salute James Folger, Maxwell House and the Hills Brothers for promoting the sell of coffee. They were rewarded financially, but we were rewarded with a drink that brings people together in a quiet, communal way. Enjoy your coffee and those you share a cup with, it’s an important part of any day.

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