Tell Me About Yourself!

What a terrible comment!

Could you be more specific? Perhaps ask where I’m from or my education or what is my job? I just heard this remark on a TV show and was irritated. I can remember sitting in a chair squirming while the guy across from me grinned. He had said, Tell me about yourself! What did he want to hear? My life’s story? I won a blue ribbon for the train I drew in elementary school; I should have started with that.

This was not a job interview, but it felt like it. I was introduced to a friend of the man I eventually married. If I hadn’t been so intimidated, I could have thought of some interesting attributes!

People are interesting. Their talents are discovered through conversation. Artists, chefs, writers, and scholars can be revealed. I don’t think anyone would share his or her talent in response to that comment. Maybe the best response is, I’m a great listener. Tell me all about you!

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