In Like a Lion,Out Like a Lamb!

Roar! It’s almost spring!

This beautiful guy was created for Columbus’s Home and Garden Show. The theme this year was Africa and each landscape company was given a wire animal to make come alive. The Seely Landscape Company were so determined to do this they contacted a taxidermist for eyes in order to obtain the life-like quality. They won best of show for their amazing landscape which included the lion.

The saying In like a lion, out like a lamb is a weather prediction that many of us grew up hearing. This year, March came in like a lamb, sooo we’ll wait to see if we experience a roaring ending. In the past, people believed nature maintained a balance and the month of March is a perfect example. In Ohio, we have both wintry snow and beautiful spring days. My blooming spring flowers always receive a little snow.

We often hear people talk about finding a balance in life. This is usually directed at work and family or work and play. Finding a balance of foods we eat is also a balancing act. Those noodles throw my diet askew. I however wish for imbalance in my life. I desire an imbalance of love and joy! I want an imbalance of sunshine. Those of you who live in Ohio understand this. I don’t care if it’s cold, but I want sun!! I’m happy March is here and my daffodils and tulips are pushing through the soil. I have bluebirds eating at my feeder and today we have sun. I appreciate this imbalance in my life and hope that it continues. I hope March has an imbalance of warm sunny days. I’m done with winter and wearing my winter coat!

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