Crocuses are Blooming!

It’s spring for me when the crocus bloom!

When I researched crocuses, I learned there are 90 species and that one specie produces the spice saffron. It is called the saffron crocus. The three red filaments in the flowers are collected for use. It takes hundreds of crocuses to obtain any usable amount. Of course, there are only three stamens per flower! This crocus is also called the autumn crocus, so it would not herald spring.

I love the little crocus flowers and think how garden fairies might use them. I found a print online called The Crocus Fairies that was first printed in 1944. It is delightful! The crocus shape is a perfect cup for a fairy or a small animal to drink from. If you have time, check it out.

When I found the crocus fairies, I then found fairies for a variety of other flowers. It makes sense. Fairies would know the flowers and appreciate them more than people. However, I really appreciate my flowers!

Today I learned where saffron was produced and why it is so extremely expensive. It made me look at my cute little crocuses with a little more respect. I also learned that people have been harvesting the little red filaments for over 3000 years. Why would someone even think to do this? I find it amazing.

2 thoughts on “Crocuses are Blooming!

  1. Wow, Jeanne! It seems a miracle that we find ways to use so many of our plants and flowers. I am so thankful for the healing and pleasure they provide.
    I read that one gram of saffron is seven or eight dollars !!


  2. Crocus flowers are such a welcome sight in spring! Can’t wait for mine to show up…hopefully in another week or two. A nice post, but do remember ONLY the saffron crocus has edible parts, not the common spring ones.


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